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Industrial batteries

Traction industrial batteries

Traction batteries for forklifts, lift platforms, pallet jacks, cranes, etc.

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Semi-traction industrial batteries

Semi-traction batteries for cleaning and maintenance: sweandsepers, scrubbers…

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Stationary industrial batteries

Stationary batteries for facilities powered by renewable energies: solar and wind

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Everything for your batteries

We are your key partner in industrial batteries.

Battery chargers

Conventional, high frequency, converters…

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Battery accessories

Plugs, cables, maintenance kits…

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Why us?

Su socio clave en baterías industriales.

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We design your charging areas:

  • High engineering performance
  • Charging booth
  • Safety signage
  • PPE against fire
  • Staff training
  • Emergency plan
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We maintain operations 100%:

  • Comprehensive management of your battery stock
  • Preventive and corrective programs
  • Industrial battery recycling
  • Legal advice and homologation
  • Contingency plan
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We there when you need us:

  • Scheduled events
  • Technical support
  • Certified personnel
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Personnel in continuous training

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