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The objective of this union of companies is to produce its own products
for the energy supply of forklifts for their subsequent sale to logistics
service providers.

For this, two companies join:

  • ACL Batteries, manufacturer and distributor of batteries, mainly lead-acid and for the logistics sector: forklifts.
  • Green Grouping, engineering dedicated to product development in clean technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.

Our way of developing our products is based on 4 premises:

  1. Market research
    ○ Global target market and current situation
    ○ Real market size (limits) and growth rate
    ○ In-depth study and analysis of competing products / services
    ○ Volume and type of demand that will exist
    ○ Market feedback on innovation and opening the market to
    disruptive changes
  2. Product Specifications and Costs
    ○ Design of the main parts of the system
    ○ Define the bases for its execution
    ○ Technical analysis and specification improvement
    ○ Determination of total development costs (personnel,
    equipment, licenses, etc.).
    ○ Research applicable in the EU and local regulations
    ○ Potential research for patent application
    ○ Breakdown analysis and specification changes
    ○ Definition of confidentiality policy
    ○ Definition of terms and agreements.
  3. Business plan
    ○ Executive Summary
    ○ Business definition
    ○ Market study
    ○ Technical study
    ○ Business organization
    ○ Investment study
    ○ Study of income and expenses
    ○ Financial study.
  4. Product Design and Construction
    ○ P&I diagram
    ○ 3D
    ○ Modal analysis of failures and effects
    ○ List of materials and equipment
    ○ Suppliers and Manufacturers
    ○ Powerpack integration
    ○ Stationary and mobile tests
logistics powerpack 2
logistics powerpack 3
logistics powerpack 4
logistics powerpack 5
logistics powerpack 6
logistics powerpack 7
logistics powerpack 8
logistics powerpack 9
logistics powerpack 10

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