Committed to moving towards 0 emissions.

Sustainable development goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of global collective actions, around common objectives. Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, they contain the most ambitious agenda, approved by the international community, to preserve a better planet for future generations.

They pursue equality among human beings, ensure progress and protect the planet, in a comprehensive and balanced way; under the 3 basic dimensions of sustainable development:

  • the social
  • the economic
  • the environmental

To achieve these objectives, people and organizations have to do our part.

Our commitment

Every year, around one billion lead-acid batteries are produced worldwide (about 75% of global lead needs).

For this reason, we have developed our own battery management system:

  • Logistics: batteries are transported in safety containers, specially designed for such use.
  • Storage: installation and maintenance
  • Recycling: lead is processed, through ecological manufacturing, to be reused in other more common applications such as manufacturing with steel, zinc, aluminum, copper and tin; among other.

A day at ACL Batteries

For ACL Batteries, sustainability is a key value and, with the aim of achieving an efficient “0 emissions” value chain:

  • We establish strategic alliances that allow us to move forward into the future.
  • We cooperate in ecoinnovation projects, to create non-polluting products and services or that generate the smallest possible carbon footprint.
  • We learn from our customers, suppliers… to help the industrial batteries sector and build a healthy ecosystem.

This is possible thanks to a committed human team, in a process of continuous improvement, open to participating and sharing.

Our work is respectful of the environment, and of you!

objetivos de desarrollo sostenible acl baterias

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