ACL Monoblock batteries

ACL TMBlock batteries

Monobloc batteries must be able to provide a constant current over an extended period. The open lead-acid batteries demand a close attention to maintenance such as filling up the cells. This is a time-consuming operation, and it must not be ignored, to help you with this, we also offer an automatic filling system (see below page for additional information). The positive plates on the monobloc batteries are specially made with tubular plates instead of flat plates.

The monobloc batteries combine a high capacity with a max cycle life of 1200 cycles. The long life is attained due to the tubular plates.

  • The construction of first-quality tubular plates free of electrolytes guarantees a superior life cycle.
  • Deep discharge capabilities
  • Perfect solution for applications used in challenging working conditions
  • Reliable and durable
  • Up to 1200 cycles

ACL TMBlock battery specifications

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