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ACL Solar Lithium batteries

ACL Solar Lithium batteries

When you use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries as part of your
solar energy system, you know you are getting the most out of it. That is
because ACL Elithium batteries are the latest innovation in clean energy,
offering ultra-long life and constant power that you can depend on even
in the most extreme environments.

Maximum power. Maximum life.

INTAKE CHARGE: The partial state of charge, known as PSOC, which
is a killer of lead-acid batteries, does not affect performance or life of the
lithium battery. Batteries are often not fully charged or run regularly in a
partial charge state. Either way, you can count on lithium batteries for a
long and productive life.

ULTRA-LONG SHELF LIFE: Lithium batteries provide up to 10 times
longer life than lead-acid batteries, and they still provide 80% of rated
capacity after 2000 cycles.

Spend more time empowering your applications and less worrying about battery replacement time.


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