Stationary batteries

  • Batteries for residential and industrial self-consumption
  • Bridge batteries between generation and subsequent sale to the grid
  • Batteries to ensure supply as backup energy.

ACL Solar OPzS

Great energy capacity and long service life

baterias estacionarias acl solar 1


High and deep discharging capacities

baterias estacionarias acl copzs

ACL Solar Lithium

Efficiency, durability, and low maintenance  

baterias industriales estacionarias acl elitium 1

Stationary batteries can be applied to various types of industrial applications. Each user has their specific needs and circumstances, caution therefore becomes a very important factor. In case of power failure, it is necessary to have batteries that ensure backup power.

Stationary batteries applications

  • Renewable energy
  • Stationary generators
  • Railway systems

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