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ACL Thunder ORC batteries

Fast-charging and opportunity traction batteries, ideal for working in shifts.

Opportunity’s Quick Charge (ORC) traction batteries enable continuous two-shift operation with a single ORC battery.

ORC battery cells can be recharged intermittently for short periods (15 to 60 minutes) during shifts of high current operation (up to 0.3C amps), followed by a full recharge on the third shift.

ORC batteries are of lead-acid heritage and rival the range of U-Ion alternatives.

Technical specifications

Traction batteryPowerCapacity*Technical sheet
ACL Thunder 24v 8ORC24V1.000AhSee technical sheet
ACL Thunder 48v 6ORC48V750AhSee technical sheet
ACL Thunder 80v 4ORC80V620AhSee technical sheet
* Variable capabilities


The flexible connections and terminals are coated with PVC to ensure safety against possible water spills and resistant to sulfation. In addition, our chests are made of high-quality, watertight steel, with interior and exterior anti-acid protection made of epoxy resin (ISO9001).

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